BF1108 Solid Oak Child’s Chair

This solid oak "child’s" chair has a dark "fume" and polished waxed finish. It makes a perfect special gift and can be personalised with carved lettering or a design of your choice. It can also be made with or without the heart shape cut-out.

Our carved "Beaver" trademark can be seen on the lower back of the chair but you can chose where you would like the beaver to be placed.

BF1108  Child’s chair - 12" W x 27.5" H - £275

If you would like a custom-made child’s chair or wish to include decorative carving please get in touch. 

We can provide samples of light, medium or dark oak and deliver all over the UK please ask for details.

Please just call or email,  if you  need any further information, wish to place an order or discuss a bespoke design, we will be happy to help.