BF304  Oak Sideboard (4 panels in each door and shown with wrought iron fittings)

Sideboard in "medium" fume English oak. Shown on feet, with wrought iron fittings, and with 4 panels in each cupboard door and matching panel arrangement at the ends. The height and depth of the cupboard shelves may be specified. Our carved "Beaver" trademark can be found in the middle of the front upright.   

The sideboard top has a planed finish and has been treated with polyurethane lacquer to provide protection against heat and spills but may be oiled or waxed. We recommend an all over lacquer for kitchen use.

BF304 Oak Sideboard

3’8" long x 18" wide x 32” high - £2,810 (planed top, 2 drawers & 2 cupboards )(wrought iron fittings optional extra)

5’ long x 18" deep x 32” high - £3,060 (planed top, 3 drawers & 3 cupboards)

6’ long x 18" deep x 32” high - £3,280 (planed top, 3 drawers & 3 cupboards)

7’ long x 18" deep x 32” high - £3,870 (planed top, 4 drawers & cupboards)

This sideboard can be custom-made to size and is also available on a plinth base, with plain or carved “rose” door knobs. The wrought iron fittings or adzed finish to the top are an optional extra. 

We can provide samples of light, medium or dark oak and deliver all over the UK please ask for details.

Please contact us if you would like to place an order or need any further information on this piece.