BF216 Supreme Comfort Wooden Back Chair

Looks can be deceptive, this solid English oak "cottage" chair is supremely comfortable and provides superb back support, you really have to try it to believe it.    

This chair has a medium "fume" and polished wax finish. If the chair is to be used in the kitchen we would recommend an all over lacquer or oiled finish to help prevent water marking.

Our carved "Beaver" trademark can be found on the chair back,  but you can chose where you would like the beaver to be placed.


BF216  Cottage Chair - £540 (shown with additional hand carved acorns and oak leaves)

If you would like a custom-made chair or wish to include decorative carving please get in touch. 

We can provide samples of light, medium or dark oak and deliver all over the UK. 

If you would like to place an order, discuss a bespoke design, or request a colour sample, please Contact Us anytime.