Bespoke Oak Dining Tables

Please take a look at some examples from our portfolio of designs, and bear in mind that our dining tables can be custom-made to any size and style of your choice. The tables are shown in English oak but we offer a choice of other hardwoods. If you don't see what you had in mind or are looking for a more contemporary design please just get in touch with your ideas and we will be very happy to discuss them with you.  

We fume our oak furniture with ammonia, a process which enhances the unique natural grain of the timber and allows us to achieve a choice of colour finishes from natural through medium to dark oak. You may choose between straighter grained timber or the beautiful patterns and knots found in "burr" and "pippy" oak. The honeycombed effect shown on some of the table tops is created using a centuries old method called adzing which is a highly skilled technique, alternatively the table tops can be planed to a flat finish. 

 If you need any further information, would like to place an order or request a colour sample please get in touch with us anytime