Furniture Care


About Our Oak

Your furniture has been handmade in English Oak selected from sustainable managed woodlands. The oak will have been at least 200 years old before it was felled.

During its lifetime the environmental conditions will have shaped the grain of the wood and every branch will have formed a visible knot. Your furniture will show these natural variations in colour and pattern, enhancing its natural beauty.

With the correct care your furniture will last longer than a lifetime and mellow with age.


Caring For Your Furniture

We recommend that Beaver Furniture is not placed near to radiators or fires or exposed to direct strong sunlight as this can all adversely affect the finish.

The tops of our tables and sideboards are all treated and will resist minor spillages of most beverages. However we do recommend the use of coasters and table mats.

If you need to remove water marks then use fine dry steel wool (grade 000) and rub with the grain gently and re-polish using beeswax.

We recommend that your furniture is polished with a good quality solid beeswax two or three times a year. Apply the wax sparingly to the surface using a soft cloth or brush following the direction of the grain. Leave to dry for 10 minutes and buff with a soft dry cloth.

Do not use silicone-based spray polish as this will damage the wax finish.


Leather Care

Some of our furniture features leather upholstery. Correct care of the leather will maintain the appearance of the piece for considerable time. 

Wash the leather with water and a non-alkaline soap. Please avoid splashing the wood.

Do not use chemical cleaners as these may affect the protective finish applied to the surface of the leather.

If your furniture becomes damaged or you feel it would benefit from professional attention to restore it to its original state then please call 01845 597 420 and talk to us about refurbishment.