Very special Burr oak has just arrived at Beaver Lodge!

We love being able to ethically source such a wide variety of wood to make into beautiful furniture in our workshop and we have recently taken delivery of some beautiful burr oak.

It can be difficult to work out why a burr has formed on a tree. Burrs are thought to be a response to stress, but the stressor can be difficult to identify.

The burr usually forms over a wound, which may have been caused by anything; fungi, bacteria, virus, insect activity, animal activity, weather or human damage.

Although to some people burrs can look unsightly, they don’t cause any harm to the tree. Whatever wound originally caused the burr is usually healed over during the period of irregular growth, protecting the tree from any further damage at that site.

By themselves they’re not a cause for alarm, and are simply a unique feature of the tree in question!

The burr displays intricate patterning, knots and cracks and these “imperfections” make plank of wood truly unique. This is why we love making bespoke pieces of furniture out of this very special and highly desirable wood.

We have one or two items available for sale so take a look at our in stock page or get in touch if you would like a custom-made piece of burr oak furniture.

lesley glegg