Our Time at The Great Yorkshire Show!


What a fabulous week we had exhibiting our furniture at the Great Yorkshire Show in the brand new Food and Gift Hall which is a superb venue, we were really impressed with the facilities.  

Where to start well probably with saying a big thank you to all of our customers and friends who took the time to come and find us and have a chat, admire our stand and the new pieces of furniture.  Our newly designed freestanding kitchen dresser and fully upholstered fabric chair received so many compliments, even just from people passing by, we were so pleased it’s a great feeling when people appreciate the craftsmanship and hard work that goes into making these pieces. We met so many lovely people who came to enquire about different pieces of furniture and introduced quite a number of new customers to the “beaver” furniture brand.

It’s always special when people come and say they bought furniture from my father, Colin in the 1960’s and 70’s. One lady said she has the first table and chairs he ever made and is sending us a photo. We heard some tales, about him, he was such a character and could charm the birds from the trees with his own unique brand of humour. One such story really made us laugh – Colin had made a table for these particular people and they had waited really quite some time. When he delivered the table he had made them an octagonal table instead of a rectangular one, they mentioned this to him and apparently he just said well it will fit won’t it so they kept it!   

What a great bunch of people our co-exhibitors were, and nearly all of them “making” their top quality wares in Yorkshire too. It’s good to catch up with them year after year and meet new exhibitors and made for a lovely friendly atmosphere in the hall. I did indulge in on or two very pretty and unusual pieces of handmade pottery.

The Show staff were brilliant, extremely helpful and they kept the hall and facilities immaculate, the Stewards made a point of asking all the exhibitors how things were going and if there was anything they needed.

The enticing aromas from the adjoining food hall occasionally drifted through to tempt us, there was so much on offer and such a wide variety of delicious looking produce it was just all too tempting!

Three of our fellow finalists in the 2016 Welcome to Yorkshires’ White Rose Awards, Tipple Tails, Wadsley Hall Farm Kitchen, The Sawley Kitchen and Sloe Motion were all there selling their delicious fruit cake, biscuits and sloe gin. 

The cheese sale at the end of the last day was amazing – all the fantastic cheeses on display were auctioned off for Yorkshire Cancer and our friends bought a huge wheel of Shropshire Blue that must have weighed 10 lbs.

The week flew by despite the 14 hour days it was possibly the best show so far and we will be returning for our fourteenth time next year to the same place in the Food and Gift Hall.

lesley glegg