4 pieces of Furniture that Celebrate our Yorkshire Roots!

When you’re from Gods own country it is hard not to feel a sense of pride, from the beautiful scenery to the friendly and warm people there is a lot to be said for Yorkshire!

Occasionally our pride for Yorkshire has spilled over into our furniture design, here are some of our favourites…

Tour De Yorkshire Clock

In 2012, Bradley Wiggins truly put Yorkshire on the map for cycling when he won the Tour de France. Since then the Tour De Yorkshire has been a huge event, attracting crowds of cycling enthusiasts from all over the world to Yorkshire. To celebrate we created this carved commemorative clock.

West Riding End Table

The West Riding of Yorkshire is one of the three historic subdivisions of Yorkshire and can be seen in many places when you travel through the area it covers. We think the design looks very striking carved in the top of this end table!

Card Table

Our card table has lots of beautifully carved Yorkshire details on the side panels. Not only is there a traditional Yorkshire Rose the panels also feature carvings of the wildlife found in Yorkshire and has a real charm.

Yorkshire Rose Cabinet

The last piece of furniture on our list is a dresser with these very subtle Yorkshire Rose handles. We think it adds a very special touch to the cabinet and is definitely suited to people who want to bring a little touch of Yorkshire into their home!

Allan Guy